Our Founders

Shilpa Popuri | Founder

She is a graduate in computer science, Software Professional. She worked for the needy for many years before establishing the Vshine voluntary organisation in 2021. Her main goal is to serve the poor and needy in the world. Started her services in India and USA through the organisation Vshine, which wants to spread her wings all around the world.

“From a very young age, I was always taught to give back to the less fortunate. I grew up in a simple family with both parents employed and well-educated. There were times when we were financially well-off and others we weren’t. Throughout all of these ups and downs, my parents stressed the importance of altruistic giving – even when we had very little. They planted a seed that has now grown into the Vshine Foundation. I started this non-profit to help spread the same message of giving back to the entire world. For the short amount of time we have on this planet, we can make the world much better through our giving and selflessness. The COVID-19 pandemic was the spark that I needed to transform Vshine from a burning desire into a flourishing project.”

Shravan Kumar | Co-Founder

He is a well-known and esteemed fashion designer by profession. Fashion designing is all about making the best use of one’s creativity and skills. It is something people of all ages and generations enjoy. He became famous for his timeless designs and trademark suits, and he became the true epitome of creativity. Coming from nowhere, he carved a niche for himself as India’s highly acclaimed fashion designer. Just like Shilpa, Shravan too goes the extra mile for the needy.

Ganeswara Babu Vellanki | Director

Ganeswara Babu Vellanki is an ex-bank manager who worked at Andhra Bank for 40 years. He firmly believes that education for the needy is essential as it’s the stepping stone to success. His passion to serve the nation in all ways possible is incredible. After retiring, he always had the urge to do something for the needy, and that’s how he joined Vshine

Sravya Alla Vellanki | Director

Sravya Alla Vellanki is a software professional by profession. She’s always been there for every project of Vshine. Sravya, along with her team of staff members and volunteers, works night and day to ensure that all the projects are outspoken through social media. She plays a crucial role in organising the projects and maintaining the financial stability of Vshine.