Vshine is supporting the underprivileged people in India and the USA. We offer a helping hand to needy adults and children in two countries: India and the USA.

You can mail us at vshine.foundation@gmail.com to get in touch with us, solve all your queries, and ask questions. Mail us with any of your queries regarding the donations on this mail id, and we will get in touch with you soon.

Yes, we are here to help people without having any self-motive behind it. We do not keep any single donated money in our pockets. All the donated funds go to the people in need.

Vshine can accept donations from individuals, for-profit companies, and charitable foundations. We also accept donations from governments, local bodies, states, and even foreign contributions.

You can also volunteer a child or an adult at Vshine. For that, you need to fulfill some uncomplicated formalities. You can mail us about it at vshine.foundation@gmail.com. For any other queries also, you can get in touch with us on this email id.

Shilpa Popuri is the founder, and Shravan Kumar is the co-founder of Vshine. Shilpa Popuri is a software professional graduate in computer science. She worked for the needy for many years before establishing the Vshine voluntary organization. Shravan Kumar, the co-founder, is a well-known and esteemed fashion designer by profession.