Owing to the increased rate of modernization and modernity, the importance of formal education is growing to greater manifolds. Moreover, to develop a person’s personality and ensure stable and prosperous career growth, education is a crucial factor that has no further alternative. Therefore, Vshine aims to expose the homeless and abandoned children to the education sector, considering the greater importance of formal education. In other words, the main aim of Vshine is not only to provide the homeless children with a caring and loving shelter but also to ensure that they receive proper and quality formal education.

Vshine aims to make their children contributing, and capable members of society and therefore make their best effort to help realize the children their highest potential in the increasingly competitive world. To achieve its goal SOS India has established numerous kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, vocational training centres, and professional institutes across India. These institutes try their level best to cater to the educational needs of the children.

Therefore, right at the grassroots level, Vshine believes in preparing the children for schooling through an effective in-house preparatory curriculum prepared by professional and trained persons at the NGO. This enables the children to learn as per their age and capability and gradually increases their learning levels. This makes the learning process comprehensive, dedicated, and joyful.

To cater to the educational needs of the children, Vshine has undertaken three major steps such as the following: 

  • KG to PG financial support – When it comes to having access to formal education, the major factor that plays a crucial role is financial support. Without proper financial support, the attainment of proper education is a difficult task. Therefore SOS India has come forward to provide the children with financial support right from KG to PG. Children of different age groups and levels looking for financial aid for educational opportunities approach SOS India. As per their learning levels and educational attainment, SOS India extends financial aid to children deprived of this aspect.
  • Distribution of stationaries, books, and bags– For the attainment of education, there are certain essential requirements of accessories. Some of these essentials include books, bags, and stationaries. Even though they have access to education, much underprivileged lack these essentials, creating hindrances in their education process. Therefore to ensure that such children have uninterrupted access to education, Vshine carries out a distribution project of stationaries, books, and bags at certain time intervals.
  • Learn from home initiatives – Even though Vshine provides the children with financial aid for their education, some children cannot attend the educational institutions for various reasons. Moreover, the Covid-19 also has resulted in a setback in the education process since most the schools and educational institutions are still not permitting physical classes. To ensure that this does not hamper the children’s education, Vshine has launched its learn from home initiatives. This initiative has opened up doors for the homeless and abandoned children to continue their education without any hindrances. Moreover, Vshine ensures that professional teachers hold online classes and ensures that the children do not face any technical issues while learning from home

Besides the above three steps, Vshine also carries out various other programs and projects to provide quality education. For example, Vshine also provides the children with the provision of digital reading and learning that exposes the children to both formal education along with computer literacy and communication skills. Furthermore, considering the growing importance of the English language in the attainment of white-collar jobs, Vshine has launched a special program named English helper & LIQVID that is dedicated to imparting English learning to children.