Rewriting Stories

Rewriting Stories of Change in the fields of

Healthcare | Education | Food Drive | Fitness

Rewriting Stories

Vshine promotes health care support programs like Family Based Care and the Family Strengthening Program

Rewriting Stories

Vshine aims to expose the homeless and abandoned children to the education sector.

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Redefining ‘Support System’

Our long-term vision is to make the needy a self-dependent. Vshine is ready to start a revolution where individuals are less dependent and more self-reliant on their skills, virtues, and qualities which can take them far in their journey. We don’t just want to fulfil their needs for once, we want to make them self-sufficient so that they don’t have to ask anybody for help. We believe in giving them the way that they no longer need to ask anybody for anything. We try to gift them independence, dignity, and a life they will be proud to have!

Sponsoring Medical Care To People In Need
Feeding The Hungry By Providing Ration Kits
Reducing Learning Loss Of Underprivileged Children
Supporting Fitness Awareness Initiatives

What Differentiates VShine from others?

Vshine has an unshakable commitment to make the world a better place for the unprivileged, either through providing financial aid, preventive healthcare, educational support, livelihood or training individuals. To attain that, it has been working continuously.

Every small-to-huge thing about this foundation has been well thought out, be it the individuals who need the most attention, what is the need of the hour, what are some basic skills that everyone should know, etc. For a longer period, we want everybody to have access to preventive healthcare to ensure that they are safe from any disease. Also, have a complete awareness of mental and physical fitness.

We provide basic help like every other NGO, but along with that, we also provide the less fortunate with everything that has the capability of transforming their lives and being on their feet. We are doing this to end a chain that has been running for quite some time; the chain of the needy always being dependent on some external source for their happiness. Vshine will undertake the responsibility of training the individuals in such a way that there’s no need for them to look up to anyone.

Why should you join VShine?

You should trust Vshine because there’s complete transparency, wise spending, and reporting back on every contribution that you make. We follow the policy of complete transparency because we believe that the donor must be aware of how his donation is being used and in what way it is making a difference. After all, that way they will be personally involved with the case.

You should trust us because we don’t just want your money; we want your precious time and support, which has the potential to change the lives of hundreds of people. We are capable of running the foundation through our funding, but can you imagine the impact that we can make together? It will be incredible! Over time, with our constant efforts, we have earned the trust of the members who are associated with the foundation.