Our Family - VShiners


The Vshiners, who are always there with us in making a difference, giving back to the community, and encouraging new skills development in the underprivileged section of society.  

Mahatma Gandhi’s once said, ‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others and keeping that Gandhian spirit in mind, volunteering is the best approach to find our way back to the realities and understand our roots and traditions of a collectivist society. Volunteering, which is a distinctly human characteristic, essentially calls for sharing and caring about fellow human beings irrespective of one’s class, nationality, religion, race, mother tongue and so on. 

You too can join us to make this world a better place to live.


Since you can not change the world all alone, start by changing a single life. Our sponsorers are the people who meet the people in desperate need of help through VShine. These are the people who are making a heartfelt and genuine difference in the world.

We connect sponsors with the people who are looking for continuous support for healthcare, food, education, livelihood arrangement or well-being. Vshine ensures the authenticity of the case before presenting it in front of you.

If you wish to pick a single case and sponsor it for a longer people of time, reach out to us through vshine.foundation@gmail.com


These are the Vshiners, who always open their heart and wallet for the work we are doing. These are the ones who feel good to help people living in underprivileged conditions.

Vshine can accept donations from individuals, for-profit companies, charitable foundations, and governments, whether local, state, or even foreign.  The funds received from the donors are utilised in multiple ways like the core cause of providing financial aid to the direct beneficiaries. Other expenses are the administrative & operational charges of the organisation.  Vshine foundation does not only just provide money to the people in need, but we are on the ground with a hands-on approach to our causes.We stay with them throughout the process, offering expert support and equip them with the tools needed for their self-dependence in the future.

You can also support our cause by donating through our website www.vshinefoundation.org Email us at vshine.foundation@gmail.com to know more about the process & benefits of donation.