Annual Progress 2022

A word from the founder

1 year ago, Vshine foundation set off to fill a need.  A need expressed by the society, by the planet. This is a foundation that treat people with respect and kindness, foundation that understood the need and stood by them until the end, foundation that created dignity respected the passion, foundation that created a platform, that earned trust thru full transparency.

As a young girl, I learned what HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT meant, and even with that good family upbringing, I did not fully understand the impact of those words outside of the 4 walls I lived in. As I set out on a new path, with a new team, the goal was to always carry the same level of values and deliver on promises to the people that trust and depend on us.

Now in our 2nd year, I’m proud to say that we constantly delivered  our principles by providing Integrity, Empathy, & Service day in, day out. We wanted to create lasting relationships built on “shared values” as opposed to just another impersonal business transaction. If by some chance we stumbled then we made it right to the best of our abilities and worked harder to be better prepared for the next challenge. We are very proud to say V stood by you for 30 Healthcare and Wellbeing initiatives supporting 190 individuals, 28 Educational initiatives supporting 40 individuals. In addition to these, we were part of many Fitness awareness initiatives (Hyderabad Marathon, Run for a girl child) . Last but not least we are very proud to be collaborated with Festivals for Joy with Suma, Covid support, Alai foundation with Smitha Pop singer. Apart from all these we were always on top of many awareness campaigns on our social media.

As we look ahead into the next decade of service, I and my team are more focused than ever to lead a foundation with same values and ethics.

Thanks to all who supported us in every way possible.

Thank you to all my donors who served as the 12% of the financial support for the foundation. Thank you to all our medical partners, Social media supporters, Our mentors who volunteered to invest their time and support in every little way Possible.  Last but not least a big Thank You to my family, my partner Raj Popuri who was my pillar of strength to make this possible.


  1. Maheswari Dukkipati
  2. K Ranga Rao
  3. Sheetal
  4. Sunil Gali
  5. Sravya Alla
  6. Pavan Kumar Aleti
  7. Sharmada
  8. Ratna Kumar Gannamaneni
  9. Ramesh Somayajulu
  10. Anusha Alla
  11. Sudhir Gali
  12. Usha Gali
  13. Vasundhara Atluri
  14. Bhavya Gudimetla
  15. Ramya Tummala
  16. Monika Kosaraju
  17. Srinath Goniguntla
  18. Nomita Botta
  19. Pratima Yenka
  20. Reshma
  21. Navitha Vasu
  22. Mahi Puvvula

Medical Partners/Supporters

  1. Blossoms Mother and Child Hospital, Vijayawada (Dr. Sandeep Tammareddy)
  2. Yashoda Hospitals
  3. Patient Seva ( G Raja )
  4. Dr. Harish, Gandhi Medical Hospital
  5. Dr. Soumya Bondalapati
  6. Dr.Mohini Popuri

Social Media Support

  1. Prema the journalist
  2. Sravya Alla
  3. Gopi
  4. Seshu
  5. Mukkaram (ClinicKart)


  1. Dr. Manjula Anagani
  2. Manjulata Kalanidhi
  3. Shilpa Reddy
  4. Smitha Pop Singer
  5. Niharika Reddy
  6. Swapna TV9


  1. Naveen
  2. Srikanth
  3. Murali
  4. Swapna (Vizag)
  5. Manish (Bombay)
  6. Naresh
  7. Prakruthi Yoga
  8. Raja Todaki